" We Take the Extra Effort "

Weston Machine Custom Block Engine Block Machining

161 11th St.
Piscataway, NJ 08854


For the past 25 years, Charlie Weston, the owner of Weston Machine, has established himself among the Pro Stock drag-racing community as the man to go for the specialty engine work. Weston Machine's business has expanded to include a nationwide customer base.

Weston's ability to do high complexity specialized CNC Machining, among its other specialties, sets it apart from other shops. Weston's experience in performing tasks such as Block Lightening and installation of high performance Darton sleeves separates it from the competition.

No matter what your engine block needs, Weston machine will give you winning results.

"When Pro Stock engine builders need a difficult machining job done perfectly, they send the piece to New Jersey and Charlie Weston."