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Weston Machine Custom Block Engine Block Machining

161 11th St.
Piscataway, NJ 08854


Darton has engineered a superior solution by using a unique designed cylinder sleeve which when siamesed and nested,creates a solid deck of sleeve flanges held in tension, reinforcing the upper deck area and provides for in-field replacement with what we call Modular Integrated Deck (MID). In addition, Darton designs' manage and enhance water flow from block to head to promote stability of cooling and all sleeves are of the "Wet" design.

New Modular Integrated Deck (M.I.D.) for Nissan VQ35DE

Modular Integrated Deck (MID) for 4,6,8 Cylinder Engines

Manufacturers Sleeves for:
 - Chevy
 - Donovan
 - Ford
 - Honda
 - Keith Black
 - Merlin
 - MID
 - Mopar
 - Resleeve
 - Rodeck/Brodix
 - Specials
 - TFX
 - Blanks




Jessel provides some of the highest quality:

 - Rocker Systems
 - Lifters
 - Belt Drives
 - Push Rods
 - Tools